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Simba Mattress combines 2500 pocketed coils and memory foam

They are one of the top customer rated mattresses in the UK.

What makes the Simba Mattress so great?

They have designed the mattress with 5 layers.

Simba mattress layers exposed

To me the most interesting component is the Seventh Heaven base.  What you will notice is that they have carved out more material where your head and feet would be.  At the same time there the area where your hips go has more material.  This causes the body to sink a bit more on at your head/shoulders and your feet.  Whereas, your middle section has a bit more support.  This innovative step helps the body stay aligned.  Casper has decided to take a similar approach with the launch of the Casper Wave, which I expect to enter the UK market in the next few months.

I plan on doing a direct comparison between the two mattresses when they are both available in the UK.

We will replace the user ratings with our own, once we have had the chance to do a thorough test.

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User Ratings
Final Thoughts
This is one of the top selling mattresses in the UK for a reason. The innovative base layer and the individually wrapped pocket coils provide the perfect amount of comfort and stability to the body.
A stable base designed to keep the body aligned
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