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Not only was this my flight, but I’m here to tell the tale of our imprisonment.

Here is part one of my journey.  I shot it in French as well, it is the second video.

Passenger on AF 66 video in French:

Here are the fun pictures.  Landed at Goose Bay Military base, at 9 am pacific time.  We are still on the plane, apparently they don’t want us hanging out on their military base.

Here is a pic of me and the hero who landed us safely.

Air France 66 pilot who got us safely to canada

THANKS! sucks to be in Goose Bay, but glad to be alive.

The Canadian military base made us 500 sandwhiches!  Thanks Canada!

AF 66 sandwhiches from the Canadian military

Long story short, I’m not doing my pangeabed pillow drawing until Monday if I’m home by then.

It has been almost 9 hours on the runway here, plus 5-6 hours of flight time.  They let smokers off but the rest are stuck on the plane.

British airways flight 066 engine blew up picture

British Airways flight 066 from Paris to Los Angles engine failure.

Engine looks fine to me…

Air France emergency landing in Goose Bay.  AF 066 was a bit delayed, I should be in Phoenix by now, lucky to be alive though.

my flight plan for 93017 including BA 066

My sister and I aren’t in first class, so we don’t get to take the first flight out… But here it is for those lucky few.
Bye 1st class have a safe trip home, we will hold down the fort in Goose Bay…

Something for the old scrap book:

Stuff from Goose bay airport af66

Ah Canada’s gateway to North America

And our flight plan.

AF 66 in goose bay

can’t do the math on how long it has been since we left CDG…

Bit of Fresh air that the crew seem to be enjoying:

Well at least the door is open on air france 66
I wonder if she’s reading my site on her tablet…

Last class may get rescued soon

Who wants to practice their French today? Still on the plane:

I’m updating more frequently on my US site.