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Nectar Mattress Review

I have been testing Nectar mattresses for almost 2 years now. They are one of the top selling bed in a box mattresses in the USA, so they decided to enter the UK market. You are in for a real treat as it is a serious upgrade from the mattress that they sell in the states.

What’s Inside the UK Nectar?

It all starts with a padded cooling cover. My favorite part about the cover is that it doesn’t bunch up when I use it on an adjustable bed. In addition, it is removeable, so it will be easy to clean. Finally, it has some cooling qualities that will help you sleep cooler at night.

Using 4th generation memory foam, Nectar’s top layer is much cooler than traditional memory foam, yet so fun to squish. You won’t sink into it like the memory foam that you are used to, but your hips and shoulders will sink in just enough for pressure relief and your spine will be in proper alignment.

The second layer is another memory foam layer, but this one is connected to the 7 zone support layer. So what you get is some compression of the material where your body is pushing on the mattress the most. This allows your body to sink in a bit more where needed. If you look closely at the picture above you can see that the bottom cut out is flexible/cut so that the other layers have the chance to tuck into the space.
The third layer is where the magic occurs in this mattress. The 7 zones allow the heavy parts of your body to sink in a bit more so that they receive more pressure relief while keeping the rest of your body at the right part of the mattress. This prevents the sinking feeling that you can get with many memory foam mattresses.

Sleep Test Results

This is my third Nectar mattress, and it is clearly my favorite. It is the first zoned comfort mattress that I have been comfortable on. I now understand why many mattresses are switching to a zoned theme, it is just so difficult to incorporate the zones and make them the right fit for all buyers. Just because this works for me doesn’t guarantee that it will work for you. Imagine if you are much taller than I, would the zones hit you just right? I’m not sure, so that’s why they offer an industry best 365 night trial period. If it doesn’t work for you they will arrange to have it sent to a local charity and refund your money. Seriously, you have nothing to lose and I would bet that the Nectar will work for you.


Works well with adjustable bed massage feature
Amazing cooling cover.
7 zone support base layer, that actually works
Memory foam feel, without the sinking


You will sink into the mattress a bit when you are standing on it. That’s not how we sleep though is it?
You can’t rotate the mattress as the 7 zones will be in the wrong spots

Who should buy the Nectar Mattress?

Side sleepers are going to love this as you won’t feel hip pain or pressure in your shoulders (as long as you aren’t too tall, too short, or a person who sleeps diagonally). The secret is that you have to make sure that the proper parts of your body are in the proper spots on the 7 layer zones.
Back sleepers are going to enjoy the Nectar mattress mostly for the cooling tech that they have put into the bed. You will notice the airflow and cooling cover right away so you won’t trap in your body heat.
Stomach sleepers may not find this firm enough for their tastes. Those of you on the really heavy side may sink too far into the mattress.
Bottom line: I highly recommend this mattress and would love to see a similar version for sale in the US as well.

Current Specials?

Nectar launched with a £100 off and 2 free pillows offer. This is a deal that you won’t want to pass up. Don’t forget they offer a 365 day trial period to ensure you love it or you get your money back.

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