Tweak Mattress offers a nice twist on customizing a mattress for couples with different preferences

In the US there are two companies that offer dual comfort for couples, but the Tweak approach is so much less complicated.  Each side can be delivered in soft, medium, or firm.  So there are 9 different ways that you can order the mattress.  When testing dual comfort mattresses we find that if the sides are drastically different, then the middle of the bed can become an issue.  For example, if you have one side in firm and the other in super plush your body will tend to roll from the middle of the bed to the soft side.  So, take a bit of caution if you are considering a soft side and a firm side.  You may be better off with switching one of those sides to a medium so that the change isn’t as noticeable in the middle.

What is inside the Tweak?

inside the layers of a tweak mattress

Starting with the organic cover, the Tweak team has added a zipper so that the cover is machine washable.  This is a feature that will really come in handy if you have little kids that find a way to stain everything in the house.

The next layer, pictured in blue, is a 4cm viscoelastic memory foam layer, to provide the hugging feeling that we all enjoy in a mattress.

The next layer is the customizable layer.  You could choose to purchase one with the same level of firmness on each side, but you are probably looking into Tweak to find a solution to the different preferences you and your partner have.  So if one of you is a side sleeper who wants a softer side, and the other wants more of a medium feel, then Tweak will build it for you in that configuration.  If one of you loves a firm side and the other needs a soft side, you could have extreme sides.  However, when the sides are different by that much you may experience a pull from the middle of the mattress to the soft side.  My suggestion would be for one of the partners in the extreme case to compromise to the medium level of firmness.

The base of the mattress has handles, which make moving a mattress around so much easier.

Tweak mattresses are made in the UK and offer a 100 night trial period.

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