Sapira Hybrid by Leesa

How is it?

Sapira Luxury Hybrid by Leesa

The Sapira is currently only available in the US, but I would expect that it will enter the European market soon.  It’s just too good of a mattress to not cross the Atlantic.  I want to make sure you are prepared for it before it arrives.

Leesa decided to jump into the hybrid market by launching the Sapira, a mattress which took them over a year to develop.  It’s really an amazing sight to see a hybrid mattress pop out of the box and take shape.  In the unboxing part of the review, pay attention to the hissing and popping sounds that the bed makes when the coils spring into action.  Hybrid mattresses are generally heavier than their all foam counterparts, due to the coils.

It’s time to skip the uncomfortable process of having a mattress salesman stalk you while you test out a bed.  You no longer need to have the salesman twist your arm into going over your budget.  Leesa has the answer for you, it will ship directly to your door, for free.  We all sleep differently, and Leesa recognizes this and offers a 100 day trial period.  If for some reason it just isn’t the right fit for you, Leesa will have your mattress donated to a local shelter and give you a full refund.  They deliver piece of mind without the awkwardness of a hovering salesman.

The Sapira uses over 1,000 individually wrapped (pocketed) springs.

Picture of six sapira pocked springs

You may find over 1,000 of these inside your sapira

On top of those pocketed springs you are going to find two 1″ layers of memory (polyurethane) used for stability and comfort.

Sapira mattress layers cutout

3 layers of comfort followed by over 1,000 coils

The top layer is 2″ of Avena foam, just like the Leesa.  What you will notice is that the avena foam on the Sapira isn’t contoured like it is on the Leesa.

leesa mattress highlighting the countoured avena foam

Notice the avena foam is contoured

The Sapira cover has 4 horizontal stripes, just like the older sibling.

Sapira has 4 stripes which you will find near your feet

When I was testing the Leesa I sometimes left the sheets as the cover was really comfortable.  They actually sell the cover as a blanket, so those of you who have either tried the Leesa or their blanket know what I’m talking about.  I’m crossing my fingers that the Sapira cover is just as comfy, spoiler it is!

Sapira Mattress Video Review

I have shot all of my footage and just need to do the editing so that I can show you how great the Sapira is, check back in a few days when it is complete.

Pros and Cons of the Sapira Mattress


  • Similar look and feel to the cover of the Leesa.  The 4 stripes design is present, but the Sapira one is a bit more fun.  Although the cover feels really similar to the Leesa’s, in my opinion, its a bit more luxurious.  You can sleep on it without sheets, I’m sure they don’t suggest it but that doesn’t stop me from trying.
  • Like the Leesa the cooling Avena foam of the Sapira has a density of 3.65 PCF.  I live in Arizona, and it’s hot here…  I didn’t have any issues with feeling hot or sweaty on the Sapira.
  • I have tested this on a flat surface and on an adjustable bed.  In both cases the Sapira preformed well.  The foam layers have enough give to contour to the various angles that an adjustable frame will use.  While the pocketed springs are individually wrapped so they have the ability to flex with the frame.
  • It’s a sturdy luxury hybrid, so it’s really designed for athletes and heavier people.  So, at my size I may not be their target market, but I loved it.
  • Their website says that they have low volatile organic compound (VOC).  Like anyone else, I take that kind of a claim for granted until I get the chance to test it.  I kid you not, there was no smell when it was initially un-boxed.  I left the room a couple of times and came back, stuck my nose in the mattress, still nothing.  Typically, after opening a mattress you will smell something. Ranging from mild to “smells like a cake” that my son pointed out when I unboxed the Purple mattress.  But the Sapira had no smell at all.
  • It has a zipper!  I don’t know why I love zippers so much, but I notice when they are there.


  • I don’t know that a mattress with any kind of springs won’t have this issue, but I just don’t like to know that there are springs inside when I’m sitting on the edge.  I don’t do it often but if I sit down on the edge to get dressed I can feel the springs.  It’s not like they are going to bite me, just that I know that they are there.  Of course, the alternative (an all foam mattress) may sink too much when you sit on the edge making it awkward to get dressed.  I think the moral of the story is just don’t get dressed on the side of any mattress.

Who should buy a Sapira Luxury Hybrid Mattress?

If you liked the Leesa but felt that you just sink too far into it, you need to try their sister mattress.  The pocketed coils will prevent that sinking feeling.  You still get the benefit of the nice cover, cool Avena foam top layer along with the memory foam feel of the second layer.  The Sapira combines all of what makes the Leesa great and takes it into the luxury level.

If you are on the heavy side or you are built like an NFL player this is the kind of mattress you are searching for.  It comes with a 100 night trial period so the folks at Leesa are confident you are going to like their Sapira.

Where was it made?

If you are curious about where the Leesa and Sapira are made fast forward to 2:48 on my where was your mattress made video.  Or you can watch the whole thing here.

Alright, I’m sure a few of you didn’t watch the video, so I’ll cut to the chase and tell you that Leesa and Sapira come from the USA!

What kind of base should I have with a Sapira?

The instructions say it should be on a solid platform, or a sturdy slatted base.  I discussed using an adjustable frame with the team at Leesa and they said it would work great on one.  Here are some pictures of it on my Rize Verge adjustable frame.

Rana in lounge position on a Sapira mattress using a Rize Verge adjustable frame

In lounge position

Sapira mattress stripes on a rize adjustable frame

Other fun facts about Leesa

Leesa has a one in ten program, which donates one mattress for every 10 they sell.  These mattresses go to non-profit organizations which serve the homeless or at-risk adults and children.  This program just hit a milestone of 18,000 donated mattresses.  Which, for those of you who are really good at math, means that Leesa has sold around 180,000 mattresses since they launched this program.  Assuming that everyone who owns a Leesa mattress has a sleeping partner, Leesa has sold enough mattresses for the entire city of Honolulu, Hawaii to be on one.  Which also means that they have donated enough mattresses to individually sleep the entire city of Sheridan, Wyoming.

You can test out a Leesa mattress in West Elm locations near you.

Rana sitting on a leesa mattress at west elm

Notice the tree? It says they donate 1 tree for every mattress sale.

For every mattress sold, Leesa plants a tree.  Let’s stick with the 180,000 mattresses sold and assume that they have planted 180,000 trees

  • Assume that each tree gets ten feet of space in a row and 15 feet between columns.
  • Every acre of Leesa’s trees would hold a little over 290 trees.
  • Therefore, they have planted around 620 acres of trees.

trees in a row

The square that you ran around, was it large enough to fit all of the trees Leesa has planted?  Based on the 180,000 mattresses sold number, just barely.  In a few months the answer will be no.  When you think about the scope of the project that they are doing it is amazing.

Ordering Process

We placed our Sapira order on 9/1/17.  We received a quick response from them telling us that it will be shipped out once it is built.  It is Labor Day weekend so my guess is that we will get it around the 11th of September.

We have it! It’s open and in testing.

sapira by leesa mattress in a box

Sapira Setup Instructions

Once the Sapira gets to Europe, I’ll get you some discount codes

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rana on a sapira hybrid mattress
Cover has the same feel as the Leesa
Avena foam layer keeps it cool
No odor
Independent pocket springs work well with adjustable beds
Designed for athletes
How is it?
Final Thoughts
A sturdy luxury hybrid mattress. It pulls from many of the things that Leesa does well to form a high end mattress. This mattress is designed to cater to people who feel that the Leesa may have too much sink for them. So if you are an athlete, or on the heavier side, this is a must try!