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Eve Mattress

We placed an order for an Eve mattress back in April of 2017.

eve mattress just after opening the box

We logged some good quality sleep on the Eve Mattress, here is my review:

Eve has done some really nice things.  They got high marks for their shipping and their packaging.  As the box has really creative and welcoming language to go with the unboxing process.  It was fun enough that we decided to shoot a video just to talk about boxes.  We weren’t trying to pick a favorite out of the boxes that we had on hand, but it’s probably pretty clear from the video that we liked it.

It is a full foam mattress so it’s pretty sturdy, but on if you are walking on the edge of it there will be some pretty big compression.  You won’t compress it all the way to the ground at my size, but it is noticeable.  You can sit on the edge of the bed, and it’s not like you are going to slide off of it.  So it didn’t score as high in the edge support category as some of the other mattresses, especially a hybrid or coil mattress.

The cover is fun, the yellow areas have a mesh feeling that is designed to help with airflow.  Where we found this useful is that it gives you a nice grip when you are moving it around.  Underneath the cover you will find three layers of foam.  The memory foam on the top is about 2″.  In the middle is another layer of foam that Eve calls an active response layer of about 1″.  Then the support of the mattress all comes from the base layer which is about  6.5″ when fully decompressed.  The total height of the mattress is just about 10″.

We enjoyed the Eve and it was a huge upgrade from the mattress we have had for the last three years.  While we were testing it there wasn’t one day that either of us complained about back issues, or spent the night tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable spot.  This was in sharp contrast to the mattress that kicked off this quest to find a better mattress.  It provides a nice value at the $749 price point for a king, and $649 for a queen.

UPDATE 5/28/17

After reviewing the prices of all of the other mattresses we had tested, we increased the value rating for EVE.

Here is a link to their website: 100 Night Trial & Free Shipping.

Ordering Process 

order total


8 day delivery, straight to our door.  Not bad at all!  You can see that the time to deliver a mattress in a box can be competitive with shipping one fully formed from a warehouse.

kids sitting on an eve mattress box

Hurry up and unbox it!

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Update 7/17/17

Eve made my USA based top 10 mattresses under $1,000 video!

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Rana pulling back the cover of an Eve Mattress
Edge Support7
Motion Transfer8.5
Sleep Quality8
Stays Cool7.5
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How is it?
Final Thoughts
Eve provides a balanced mattress that is great for side sleepers (like me) as well as stomach and back sleepers. It is difficult to find a better value than the Eve.