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Casper started selling mattresses online in 2014

They launched with just the one mattress, which I now call the traditional Casper.  Now their products include pillows, sheets, mattress protectors and a few items that aren’t available in the UK, yet.  This month Casper launched a new mattress called the Casper Wave.  It is currently available in the USA with limited production.  I was able to buy one this week so you can catch my review of it starting next week.  I’ll be able to provide you with all the details needed to start a bring the wave to the UK campaign.

Casper has a couple of other products that we have been able to test in the states that aren’t yet available in the UK.

Please go to those pages if you want details on products that may launch in the UK soon!

Casper’s Traditional Mattress


Woven Cover

Woven Cover

Made from premium textiles, the zip-off cover is breathable and easy to clean.

Open-Cell Latex Foam

Open-Cell Foam

Our proprietary foam keeps you cool and adds bounce.

Responsive Memory Foam

Responsive Memory Foam

Supportive memory foam provides pressure relief.

Adaptive Transition Foam

Adaptive Transition Foam

Transition layer provides deep comfort through consistent weight distribution.

Durable Support Foam

Durable Support Foam

Support foam strengthens the comfort layers and adds long-lasting durability.

The memory foam layers combined together helps airflow to pull heat out of the top layer, leaving the sleeper cool and comfortable.

Bottom line, Casper managed to combine pressure-relieving memory foam and a springy, breathable top layer to create a sleep surface that leaves the sleeper feel perfectly supported and practically weightless.

Casper did something that I wouldn’t have expected them to do.  I recently purchased a mattress from them and then found a discount a couple of days later, yet before it arrived.  I contacted customer service and they gave me that discount.

Interested in a Casper mattress?  Here is a Casper voucher for £50 off

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Edge Support8
Motion Transfer9
Sleep Quality9
Stays Cool8
A good amount of sinkage/very large people may have problems
A touch more expensive than it could be
Final Thoughts
With a 100 night trial it is hard not to give Casper a shot. They are the number one online mattress store for a reason.
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