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The Magni team is at CES in Las Vegas this week.


I stopped by their booth yesterday, but they weren’t quite set up yet.  I was really excited to see an integrated sleep tracking mattress that works with an adjustable base.  I really wanted to try it out, but I was too early and needed to get back home, so I missed my chance.  I got to speak with the team about what their sleep system does, and it got me really excited.  I have been searching for a mattress that does my sleep tracking while being integrated into the mattress.  In addition, it communicates with the adjustable bed so that it can automatically adjust to an anti-snore position if it detects snoring.  This has the potential to displace my non testing go to bedroom set up.  I look forward to testing the Magni Smartech system out so that I can let you know how it compares to all of the other mattresses that I sleep test.

Please check back!