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Casper Pillow Review

I purchased an oversize Casper pillow and I use it as a “Body Pillow”.  I really wish that I had it when I was pregnant as it is exactly the pillow that I had been searching for.

I also purchased a Casper nap pillow, but I don’t think that they are available in the UK at this time.

You can see how the two pillows compare in my video below.

The Casper Pillow Cover

Here is where the magic happens. I didn’t really appreciate it until I unzipped it and folded it down. Inside you get this 100% cotton feel that made me ask if the cover was reversible. It’s not, but I think you get the idea of how much I like it. The cover is made in China but filled in the USA. As I have discussed before Casper is a global organization so that’s expected.

Inside the Casper Pillow

Inside the casper pillow

The inside is a polyester fiber material, that feels really light. It gives you enough support to keep your head up and I find that when I’m watching TV in bed this pillow does the job of 2 of the lower profile ones I have.

Casper Pillow Conclusion

I’m a big fan of plush pillows, I like having my head lofted up a bit and the Casper totally fulfills that desire. As I throw around different pillows at night trying to decide which one I’m going to use the Casper one rises to the top as it helps you watch TV by having just the one Casper vs. 2 of the lower profile pillows.

I highly recommend the Casper pillow to anyone who likes a soft/high profile pillow. It comes with a 100 night trial so I encourage you to give it a shot.

Current Specials

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