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I have tested dozens of mattresses to find the very best ones available.

I sleep on a new mattress every 2 weeks so that I can sort through the bad ones to get to the good ones.  If you find a mattress on this list that means it is a high quality mattress at a good price.  Below you will find the best mattresses available by category.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

I’m a side sleeper, so this category is really my specialty. As silly as this sounds, my bedroom currently has 2 different designs of Leesa mattresses in it. Not only is it my clear top pick for side sleepers, it is what I usually sleep on when I’m not testing out other mattresses.

Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

People who sleep exclusively on their backs are pretty rare. They require something on the firmer side, but still want their shoulders to sink into the bed a bit so that their spine will be straight. Casper’s zoned comfort layer helps to keep your spine aligned

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress. A mattress which took the US by storm just entered the UK market. It has a zoned comfort system and enough firmness to be the ideal choice for side sleepers. I couldn’t suggest trying the Nectar mattress more.

Best Mattress for Big & Tall

I’m petite, so I have my extremely large friends test out the mattresses that are marketed towards heavy people. The pocket sprung Simba Hybrid mattress offers enough support for larger people.

Best Budget Mattress

Eve offers a budget friendly option, called the light. It offers zoned comfort at a budget friendly price.

Best Luxury Mattress

I expect to pay less than £1500 for a luxury mattress since I know I can get one delivered to me without having to visit a mattress store and pay their inflated prices.  You can’t find a better value for a mattress that matches the quality of the Leesa.

Best Mattresses

Mattress Key Features Price Discounts
Leesa 25 cm Thick
1 in 10 Program
Cover is like a blanket
£ 699 £140 Off Leesa
Nectar 365 Day Trial
7 Zone Support Layer
Cooling Cover
Memory Foam
£699 £100 Off & 2 Free Pillows
Casper Zoned Comfort
4 Layer Construction
100 Night Trial Period
£650 10% Off Casper
Eve 100 Night Trial
Zoned Support Layer
EveComfort Layer
Memory Foam
£699 2 Free Pillows
Simba 100 Night Trial
Spring and Foam Combo
Free Shipping
10 Year Guarantee
£699 Free duvet
Tweak Duo 100 Day Trial
Free Delivery
Split comfort levels
£895 Up to £70 Off
SilentNight 60 Day Trial
Free UK Delivery
Varies Up to £190 Off

Leesa Mattress

Leesa is my favorite mattress company. Is it because they give back to the community with their non-profit status and their 1 in 10 program (which donates one mattress for every 10 they sell)? Or is it because both versions of the Leesa mattress are perfectly designed for side sleepers, like me?
The UK version has a top layer of Avena air flow foam, the US version has LSA200. Guess what? They sleep almost exactly the same, my bedroom is set up with both beds right now and I have to check the tags to remember which one I am sleeping on.
Although they are based out of the US, the mattresses sold in the UK are manufactured in the UK. Leesa offers a 100 Night Trial period and free delivery. They offer a wide variety of products that aren’t currently available in the UK, so I’ll be sure to keep you informed on all of the new products that are headed your way.

Nectar Mattress

Nectar just entered the UK market after experiencing explosive growth in the US. The Nectar mattress is a bit different in the UK, as it has a zoned comfort design for spinal alignment. This improvement means that the UK version is slightly more expensive than the one sold in the US.

A key selling point for the Nectar is that they offer an industry best 365 day trial period, as well as a forever warranty. Before the Nectar team knew who I was, I purchased one and I returned it to make sure that they actually honored their trial period. I received my money back within a week after they arranged to have the mattress picked up and taken to a nearby homeless shelter. I felt bad about putting them to the test like that, but they came through and delivered on their promise.

Despite having such an amazing warranty, they have a much lower return rate than you would expect. Why is their Nectar return rate so low? Simply because it is such a great deal for a nice mattress.

Casper Mattress

Casper gets most of the credit to kicking off the bed in a box revolution. They were not the first company to offer direct to consumer mattresses, but they were the first to deliver a high quality mattress that people love. In the US they offer more variety of products, so you can expect that they will begin delivering new and exciting products to the UK market as well.

Their standard Casper mattress in the UK utilizes zoned comfort to help you achieve perfect spinal alignment. With a 100 night trial and free shipping, there is no reason why you wouldn’t give Casper a try.

Eve Mattress

Eve almost offers a complete one stop shopping experience. The only product that they don’t currently carry is an adjustable/motion bed frame. Otherwise they have you covered. They offer 3 mattress types at affordable prices. In addition, they have all types of bedding, pillows and frames.
Made in the UK, 100 night trial period, 10 year warranty.
They are currently offering 2 free pillows with the purchase of a mattress.

Simba Mattress

The Simba offers 5 layers of zoned construction to help keep your spine aligned. The 2,500 conical pocket springs offer additional support for heavier sleepers.
With 100 night trial, free shipping, and a 10 year warranty it is easy to give the Simba a try.

Tweak Mattress

Tweak’s name really says it all. YOU have the ability to pick out the perfect side for your preferred sleep style. Your partner also gets to pick their side. Fair warning, if one side is far less firm than the other, the person on the less firm side may tend to roll into the middle of the bed. So be careful when you design your mattress.

SilentNight Mattress

For over 70 years Silentnight has been handcrafting their mattresses in the UK. They offer dozens of different mattresses to cover all types of sleepers. From bunkbeds to baby cots, pocket sprung to all foam options, Silentnight has you covered. This is truly a one stop shopping experience.
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