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We all live busy lives, sometimes we don’t seem to be able to catch up.  With work, kids, homework, playdates, and house chores we are simply too busy to make it all happen and feel rested at the same time.  This is when we decided to create Non-Biased Reviews.  We wanted to find ways to relax and reduce our levels of stress.

A few years ago we lived in a house on a very busy street, so we just kind of accepted that sleeping a full 7-8 hours just wasn’t part of life.  When we moved into our current house, all of the traffic noise was gone so shouldn’t we be getting 8-9 hours of sleep magically?  We didn’t realize that we weren’t sleeping as much as we had thought, until we purchased a fitness/sleep tracker.  The first time you wake up and see how many minutes you were awake, or just in light sleep, it hits you that something is wrong in your life.  So here we were, not sleeping much and waking up with back pain.  There’s no way that the dips and mountains in our mattress were contributing to our sleep problems right???

Naturally, finding the right mattress for us should help.  So we started a quest to try out as many as we can.  We buy all of the products that we test, so that we can stay unbiased in our analysis of each product.

I am going to begin testing the bed in a box model as I believe that they are the best value in the mattress marketplace.  By going direct to the consumer these mattress companies are able to reduce their overhead, cut out the middlemen, and lower costs to the consumer.  Once I get enough reviews done in the bed in a box model I will move on to in store brands.  When I do the focus will be on the ones I can buy without having a mattress sales person hovering over me while I shop.

I’m Confident that We are the only ones testing mattresses that we BUY

Our commitment to being non-biased is very expensive.  I know that all of the other sites get all of the products that they test for FREE!  How do I know that?  Companies offer to send us stuff all the time in exchange for reviews.  So it is standard practice that to get your company’s item reviewed you need to send a sample to a review site.

You would think that there would be some bias introduced into the reviewing system when these other guys get everything free wouldn’t you?  It doesn’t even matter how prominently “honest” is displayed in the URL.  They all tell the companies that if they want to have their product reviewed, they need to ship it to them for free.

Image the surprise/shock that they receive when we reject a company’s free products.  We then insist that we pay just like all of their customers would.  This is why you will see a receipt for everything that we buy as well as the timeline for our purchases.  If a company has major delays in shipping, you will be able to clearly see it.  If the ordering process is painful, you will know.  Since it’s my money on the line, I want to be treated properly as a customer not as someone who is getting a freebie.

Therefore, running Non-Biased reviews isn’t cheap, so we have decided to use links to allow our viewers the opportunity to purchase all of the products that we review.  These links don’t cost the viewer anything, yet will help us recover our costs if the viewer ends up purchasing the products from our links.

No manufacturer can get preferential treatment or a boost to their reviews, and yes we will turn down free stuff, sorry!

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